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ColbysCrew.com Launches November 22, 2016
Boston, MA – November 22, 2016 – DudeDollars’ Managing Director, Ewan French, announced today that the new gay adult Company will be jointly launching its flagship website, ColbysCrew.com, and new affiliate program on Oct. 31st.

DudeDollars is the gay adult affiliate program operated by Manhunt’s newly created Online Entertainment (OE) division. “DudeDollars’ team has been working feverishly during the past few months preparing for this major launch”, Ewan French is quoted as saying. “We are very excited with Colby Jansen’s hard work, his explosive on-camera presence and his amazing ability in bringing together new guys and more seasoned models to work together. Colby’s furry jock-type personality is providing great chemistry to the new site.”

Earlier this fall, Colby Jansen was signed on as DudeDollars first exclusive performer. Since spring, Jansen and his crew have been crisscrossing North America, recruiting new talent and shooting original content, featuring the former pro rugby player in combination with some of gay porn’s hottest studs. Building on his background, ColbysCrew.com will take on a decidedly sports-themed approach and will almost always feature a mix of more mature, experienced men over 30, paired with younger 18 to 30 performers. As such, the site will delve into fantasies like: Office Manager/Intern, Professor/Student, Coach/Athlete, and more.